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VINTAGE~Oil Drill Rig & Pump Jack~PaperWeights~Crude~

A number of small studios appeared in the middle 20th century, particularly in the US. Antique Baccarat pansy Miniature weights have a diameter of less than two inches or so, and magnums have a diameter greater than about 3. Taxidermied raccoon, Washer, dryer.

The paperweight can provide all these options and more. A further impetus to reviving interest in paperweights was the publication of Evangiline Bergstrom's book, Old Glass Paperweights, the first of a new genre. Friday September 18 9: I try my best to ship via the fastest and most cost effective shipping method.

We are still unpacking and will be adding up to the sale. Another option that fills two purposes is the paperweight that poses as a small calendar to help the busy phone scheduler have immediate access to dates several weeks in advance.

In this way, a paperweight with a simple flower could be given to a friend that carried a message of friendship, but a different flower could be given to a lover carrying a message of love.

This is probably from the Dupont period of production, but is very well executed and may, in fact, be earlier.

Rare beauty under glass: A look at fine antique paperweights

It is impressive that these very privileged individuals chose to collect paperweights, which were relatively inexpensive at the time. Basic features[ edit ] Decorative glass paperweights have a flat or slightly concave base, usually polished but sometimes frosted, cut in one of several variations e.

First and foremost, paperweights are an ingenious approach to helping get your business or organization's important information out into the mainstream of the buying or supporting public. Louis, [7] and Clichy.

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One is a Drill Rig and one is a Pump Jack. You satisfaction is guaranteed. Its collection has now grown to more than 2, paperweights through donations, bequeaths, and acquisitions. The Art Institute of Chicago, which houses one of the largest paperweight collections in the world, is more than doubling its permanent Rubloff Paperweight Exhibit from to more than paperweights.

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Friday September 19 7: Workmanship, design, rarity, and condition determine a paperweight's value: There is a Minuet organ with a Leslie organ speaker, Schumann bavarian china, kitchen, clothing, smalls, books, singer sewing machine, tools, tool boxes by Kennedy, Craftsman and more, camera items and others.

These paperweights were sold at a Baccarat retail shop in Paris. The flat fashions provide a lot of area to include not only your company logo or school mascot, but can also contain addresses, telephone numbers or web site details. This is phase one of an ex dealers home. Mpire Listing Tools and Auction Management.

There is furniture including dressers, china cabinet, dining room table and chairs, dinette set, beds, end tables, stereo console, sofas and more. Letter writing became a fad at the time, and paperweights were sold as an attractive accessory to desk sets of pens, inkwells and blotters and stationery.

Most paperweights, which are considered works of art, use one of the above techniques; millefiori, lampwork or sulphide — all techniques that had been around long before the advent of paperweights. Tim has the knowledge of market trends, and can ease the confusion of selling your items. A listing of over items for sale at competitive prices.

These organizations are friendly and welcome neophytes.Advertising/Souvenir and Premium--vintage, antique and collectible--available for sale at Both B&S and NEGC produced paperweights at the same time, both were founded by Deming Jarvis, and both declared bankruptcy in Union Glass came a little later.

Vintage Advertising Paperweight National City Audit Co. Broadway New York

It operated from to Unsigned, but I guarantee that this is a vintage paperweight from the Bohemia / Czech region and it originates from approximately For. Shop and Find Great Antiques, Vintage, Collectibles and More at Icollectcom. Reputable, Knowledgeable Dealers Selling Antiques and Collectibles.

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View a vast selection of Vintage Glass Advertising Paperweight, all carefully selected. We are a leading provider of Vintage Glass Advertising Paperweight, find. Collectors of antique glass paperweights rightly consider their pursuit to be the one of the world’s best-kept secrets.

Most antique paperweights were made by one of three French factories, as a sideline, for just years in the mids, and most collectors agree that only about 30, remain today. Theme Week Schedule. About Theme Week Theme weeks do not replace our regular dealers with their wonderful selection of merchandise.

They are meant to assist our dealers in coinciding their merchandise and extra stock items with our pickers, dealers and collectors who travel great distances to shop our market for speciality items.

Vintage advertising paperweights
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