Time to bury the legacy by robert dekoven

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Robert R. DeKoven

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Can you ever really bury the Legacy

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In some cases, we have additional copies. To purchase an item, click the item number or enter it on our Search Page. Jackelyn ReyesMrs. ShakleyEnglish 12 CPMarch 5 Can you ever really bury the Legacy The article “Time to Bury the Legacy” written by Robert Dekoven thoroughly explains from his perspective the situation on exactly why some students with much better grades get rejected into a university compared to those with legacy.

More than 56. In “_Time to Bury the Legacy_” Robert DeKoven points out that George W. applied to Yale with “a C average from high school and a SAT verbal score” (DeKoven ), but since his father was a legacy he was accepted while others who received higher credentials were rejected.

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In article, “Time to Bury the Legacy”, Robert DeKoven, a professor at California Western School of Law, stated that legacy admission is unfair and should be eliminated.

DeKoven () also pointed out that legacy admission is equal to taking races and genders as factors, which is discrimination. In the mean time thle fire had lapped up the Palmer House, the theatres, and T/le Tribut2ne building; and, contrary to our expectation, for wve thought tlhe current of the fire would pass my residence, judging by the direction of the wind, we saw by the advancing clouds of denue blackl smoke, and the riapidly-approaelhiii, flames, that we were.

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George and Eunice Page.

Time to bury the legacy by robert dekoven
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