Problems with paying college athletes

The NCAA is in a very tough and historic situation. For instance, Robert Smith, former running back for Minnesota Vikings and pre-med student while at Ohio State, needed two afternoon labs in the same semester. That's something we have to work on where upper-level administrators are communicating with student-athletes and letting them know what are the issues and how they impact your welfare.

Wayne Law Review, 35, The Southeastern Conference, another of the big time football conferences recently entered into the pay for play discussion. Athletics in American colleges.

The proposal was supported by several other coaches. Ron Woods 27 puts forth a proposal submitted by Peter Plagensa, visiting professor at Middlebury College, regarding the pay-for-play issue. Those were presidents of universities that today make up the Ivy League.

My colleague has argued in point 2 that paying athletes raise a myriad of other issues, such as how much should they receive, what happens if an athlete gets hurt, and so on. Football and basketball are bringing in billions of dollars in revenue, yet the athletes who bring in that revenue get nothing.

The NCAA states that it protects players from being exploited commercially. Fraud is something that happens a lot. Expected to get selected this week in the Major League Baseball draft after going in the 22nd round last year.

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The Problem With Paying College Athletes

A diploma from State U is about practical things like getting a job and bargaining for a salary. Yet, years later, it is back to business as usual on Wall Street. Other benefits to the athlete include the regular use of pristine gyms, well-manicured fields, athlete-only and often team-only workout facilities, sports medicine care, the opportunity to travel via away games, specialized meal plans and free foot gear and athletic attire.

While this ugly scandal seems to be the NCAA's worst ever, it is not. What he wanted was someone from his world, the world where everyone goes off to college and sends their kids off to college.

Make sure coaches stick to that plan and you don't have any instances where coaches say within 30 minutes, 'Be at the building at this time. And these players are worth far more than a scholarship.

College Athletes Getting Paid? Here Are Some Pros And Cons

In addition, paying student athletes will only amplify an existing problem in these two sports: In NCAA sports, it always does. It was quire complex, but they provided everything on time. And at a time when college costs rise dramatically every year and more young adults are left with thousands of dollars in debt, is it responsible to suggest allocating any additional funds to sports?

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I'm doing a lot in the offseason and that's totally up to me because I want to be an elite-level athlete. He is a Sports Editor. They do mainly because they are disenfranchised and fear losing their scholarships and eligibility if they complain. In the movie "Jurassic Park," actor Jeff Goldblum's character had a memorable line -- "Life finds a way.

For instance, football players must be in their third year of college or over the age of 21 to enter the National Football League NFL. About Anna Follow Anna at AnnaKlenke Thousands of Americans every year tune in to watch college football and basketball, cheering on their favorite universities just as they cheer on professional sports teams.

They always have to be removed by force. Instead, we should endeavor to change the rules to make them fair, reasonable and moral. The Athletic Department Has Its Role Keep in mind that student-athletes are not employees of the university, rather they are students first and athletes second.

When have you ever heard of a bribe to get an athletic director to switch schools? African Americans make up the majority of college athletes at the top levels in three major sports: There are contracts with contract remedies. Benson 3 noted that one perspective was missing from the literature included a full expression from the black athletes point of view.

Thus, student athletes in many cases cannot take advantage of the many extras offered by a college education. We bring 17 year-old kids, some of them from the inner city and we wine and dine them. It will be traded for lackadaisical plays and half-ass efforts that we sometime see from pros.

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Paying College Athletes

Paying college athletes essay wikipedia Do violent video games cause behavior problems research paper Essay on a unfair punishment. essay on brain cancer. The student athletes should be paid at the same rate that all the other students who work in the food center or other work study jobs get paid.

All students who work at any job at the college should have a health care plan that covers them for any injury that could possibly be related to that work - for life.

Solution Regarding Paying College Athletes or Not is Simple

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College athletics is a very diverse organization involving a lot of students, mainly as the players, and non-students such as officials, coaches and others. Nov 13,  · Paying athletes salaries as university employees is impractical, given the complex set of ancillary issues that option raises.

However, allowing college athletes. In debating the pay-for-play issue in college athletics, the history of the governing body (i.e., currently the NCAA), their mission and view of amateurism, the past history of college athletes benefitting financially, and the degree to which athletes benefit from the university experience must all be examined.

Problems with paying college athletes
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