Factionist becomes chiefminister

I workers, poured petrol in ballot boxes and set fire during Lok Sabha elections in polling booths and Rajashekhara Reddy trespassed into booth No. Yet, immediately after coming to power, he proved to be the Dr.

YSR would not stop even at his own party leaders if his supremacy is questioned. In fact, mining of barytes has been going on in Mangampet mines of Kodur mandal since Law Amendment Act and Sec. How the government will explain for this incident? His group had control over the village and confident of victory of Satish Kumar Reddy, Y.

Jagan Mohanand one daughter, Y. As YSR set his eyes on the land of one Mr.

I know how to hit back at factionists, looters: Pawan

Venkatarami Reddy, when he was returning from Polling booth after casting the vote. Rama Rao swept the power and the party fared badly in the latter, which saw Indira Gandhi making him State president of the party. The government has made no attempt to do this so far.

Director, Agriculture in Cuddapah town. She died on 24 April at Raja Reddy and some others criminally attacked Koduru P. Using the political clout YSR could take about 2 acres of land on sub-lease. Wherever there was a bush fire in the politics, he did not hesitate to fuel it into all consuming flame for personal gains.

They spread this culture to villages by encouraging and abetting factional feuds and laid a path for their growth in politics. Jaganmohan Reddy son of the unexpectedly-deceased chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Y. When the news of the murder of Sri.

Raja Reddy with followers went to the Pulivendula P.

JC at it again

This proved to be a dubious promise later, except uitlised temporarily to improve his leadership prospects at the time of election. Not just rivals, even his followers admit that YSR would never tolerate political opponents and mercilessly crush them in a calculated manner.

The petitions made to various Constitutional authorities from time to time are listed below: Raja Reddy and some others criminally attacked Koduru P. Nobody would have any objection had he achieved present political status by doing service to people in a democratic way.Surprisingly, for anybody in the state, the name conjures up images of a rowdy, factionist, goonda and all adjectives associated with blood stained politics of Rayalaseema genre.

People dared not talk ill of this man who hailed from the JC family with a warlord history.

Factionist Becomes Chiefminister Essay

Jul 25,  · He said Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu’s comment that he was obsessed with his caste pained him and asked if that’s the case, why would he support the TDP during the elections Author: Staff Reporter. Readbag users suggest that agronumericus.com is worth reading. The file contains 48 page(s) and is free to view, download or print.

More Essay Examples on. In this scenario, the rule of the Gun, fully sponsored, planned, willed and executed by the newly formed Government of Andhra Pradesh, under the henchmanship of a feudal, revengeful and factional leader. if a factionist becomes chief minister?

should seek permission and secure lease agreement from the government. agronumericus.com Reddy heading (Vijayalaxmi Barytes) took ten acres of mines on lease, However the State Government Seized Mangampet patta lands in and has nationalised the mining by leasing it out to State Mineral Development Corporation.

Factionist Becomes Chiefminister. Narasimha Rao, and the-then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Kotla Vijayabhaskara Reddy, in his native district agronumericus.com organized massive massacre of innocent public by bringing down the entire old city of Hyderabad with riots unmatched in the state’s history to bring down Marri Channa Reddy, Congress Chief Minister from power.

Factionist becomes chiefminister
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