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As a reading comprehension training for your kids, you can set a timer to encourage kids to do the reading comprehension faster and better, or you set a restriction on the number of times your kids can read about the quiz topic, before they do the actual interactive questions and answers quiz.

Computer Quiz IBPS PO 2018 – 104

For each question, you get three different choices. After completing the quiz, you can view the answer key to match your answers. Younger kids who cannot yet read or write, such as Pre-K kids, Kindergarten kids or Preschool kids, will benefit from doing this and our other science kids quizzes as a listening comprehension activity; you read out to them about the topic and then read the quiz question and answers.

About Our FREE Online Computers Quiz Our science questions for kids quizzes are a free to use online interactive quiz resource for teachers and educators of kids in elementary school, grammar school and preschool. Jackson suzzy on Jul 14, By: From there, you can also revisit each question to review your answers.

Enjoyed doing this free online quiz about Computers? Nitin Chavan on Sep 8, it's a great for computer beginners By: It does not tell you the correct answer for questions.

Yulia Tymoshenko Who first invented toilet paper? Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari and Explorer are types of what? Abhishek on Jul 28, By: There is only one correct answer to every question. This quiz is not interactive like others so, you might need to write down all your answers.

Nintendo was founded after the year You have to select the possible correct answer. They cover the basic parts, definition, and facts of computers.

Computer Awareness Online Test

You have to select the possible correct answer as per your knowledge. When you finish a quiz, you get a grade based on the points you earned in the quiz. With these types of questions, kids can learn more about computer and improve their knowledge. China Which American inventor held 1, patents?

Think you know more about this quiz! You will select the Computers quiz answer they think is correct, and at the end you get the quiz score. I like more about computer languages. Kids will enjoy competing against their classmates and friends, to see who gets the best score, doing this free and fun interactive science quiz on Computers.

In terms of computing, what does ROM stand for? You get 68 questions in this quiz.

Online Computer Quiz for kids about Parts

Your child can try doing the Computers quiz again, till he or she gets the perfect score faster, as your kid learns to listen more carefully and develop a better memory and attention span! Check out all our other fun Easy Science Quizzes for Kids and other easy facts about science for kids.

Che Guevara ist aus? The analysis of the findings from the poll can be found in the full report, "What the Public Knows About Cybersecurity. I like to have more difficult quiz. Each question has two answers written below it, you have to select the correct one.

Sending someone an email that contains a malicious link that is disguised to look like an email from someone the person knows Creating a fake website that looks nearly identical to a real website in order to trick users into entering their login information Sending someone a text message that contains a malicious link that is disguised to look like a notification that the person has won a contest All of the above Not sure A group of computers that is networked together and used by hackers to steal information is called a … Botnet.

Each of these computer quizzes features 10 questions with multiple choice answers. The Hubble Space Telescope is named after which American astronomer?

Atomic bombs work by atomic fission.

Cybersecurity Knowledge Quiz

Inventor of the cotton gin is? The analysis of the findings from the poll can be found in the full report, "What the Public Knows About Cybersecurity. Nintendo was founded after the year In the Practice Mode, it tells you whether your answer is correct or not after each question.Computer quiz list Updated: 05/21/ by Computer Hope Below is a complete listing of each of the computer quizzes Computer Hope has posted on its web page over the last few years.

Take free love quizzes, love tests and dating quizzes. We have lots of love quizzes, love tests along with dating quizzes at A computer quiz i kno its short Take this quiz! Is mac based on UNIX code? What is the kernel in mac called? How many applications are there for Windows?

The Windows operating system has. Computer quizzes. Updated: 04/26/ by Computer Hope. Below is a complete listing of each of the computer quizzes Computer Hope posted in This year's quizzes.

Take the full computer quiz Test results leaderboard. quizzes quizzes - quizzes quizzes - quizzes. Quiz Index Computer Basics. Prerequisite for computer networking. Basic hardware and software knowledge. Physical Connections. The cables, connectors and wireless signals used to connect computers to the network.


Computers Trivia and Quizzes

The switches, routers, and other hardware that enables the network to operate. TYPES OF COMPUTERS QUIZ. Print this quiz out, complete it, and turn it in Instructions: Please indicate whether the following statement is true by placing a T next to the number or false by placing an F next to the number.

__1. A server is usually found on an office employee’s desk.

Computers quiz
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